Giving and Philanthropy

Giving and Philanthropy

Dr. Philip Young Facial Plastic Surgeon in Procedure China Medical MissionGiving and Philanthropy at Aesthetic Facial Plastic Surgery of Seattle | Bellevue:

We think philanthropy is a super thing. See below for our past and future involvement. For our new year’s resolution, Dr. Young and his Staff want to commit themselves to this passion for this coming year and beyond. Please contact us and let us know any ideas that you might have for us. We would love to be involved more and would love to get our clients / patients involved with us. Carpe Diem!

Check out our Humanitarian Page where we present our pro bono cases where we markedly reduce the price so that they can afford their procedures and where a lot of times we do it completely at no cost to them.

What’s Our Next Event:

AFPS gives back!

We are excited to announce our next event and the return of “AFPS Humanitarian Wednesday.” This is an effort that is close to our hearts here at AFPS since our founding in 2008. In addition to Dr. Young’s annual medical missions over the years through “Face to Face”, where Dr. Young & his expert colleagues have traveled around the world to provide free facial plastic reconstructive surgeries to victims of domestic violence & congenital birth defects in Asia & Southeast Asia since 2006, AFPS is committed to expanding our humanitarian efforts locally.

We are asking YOU our faithful patients, friends, community & followers to nominate an individual with certain life circumstances that make them deserving to receive a complimentary procedure on our humanitarian days.

Please submit your nominations in a 1 page essay sharing their story to contactusatdrphilipyoung.com or our Facial plastic surgery contact page.

We will be accepting nominations effective immediately. We look forward to you sharing & passing along our efforts. Together we can make a difference!

To kick off the New Year with good news, We look forward to announcing the recipient of AFPS Humanitarian Wednesday” on Jan 1, 2015.


Our Recent Philanthropy Event:

2014 Face to Face Mission to help women who suffered from domestic violence and children with congenital anomalies. Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. November 11-18, 2014.


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Humanitarian Day
Last Wednesday of each month

Dr. Young will see people who suffer from birth defects, domestic violence, injuries or scars caused by trauma. If you know someone who might qualify, please send your information by either email, phone 425-990-3223 or even text messaging us at anytime. Click here if you would like to find out more about our consultation process. We can set up a phone consultation and show you how to take the 5 basic photos that you or the person will need.

Your path to a more confident you begins here. Please contact us with any questions or to schedule your complimentary consultation with one of our Patient Care Coordinators by filling out the form below or emailing contactusatdrphilipyoung.com. You can also call us at 425-990-3223. We look forward to hearing from you!
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Previous Philanthropy

1994-1995 volunteer at the University of Washington Medical Center.
1994-1995 Special Olympics Volunteer, Seattle, Washington.
1994-1995 Activities Coordinator for Alzheimer patients at a local Seattle Nursing Home.
1993-1995 Youth counselor for Evangelical Church of Christ, Seattle, Washington.
1994-1995 Ki On Nursing Home Volunteer: participated in rehabilitative activities for the elderly, in association with the Chinese Student Association at the University of Washington.
1995-1996 Secretary for the Chinese Student Association at the University of Washington.
Coaching inner city kids of New Orleans in soccer 1998-1999.
2003-2004 Guest speaker for Career Days at Macy Intermediate School.
2003-2004 Revlon Walk/Run to support research in cancer for women.
July 2004 Firecracker 5K Healthwalk/run Shreveport, Louisiana.
2004-2005 Revlon Walk/Run for Women’s Cancer Research
2005 Volunteer at the Kaiser Permanente 10th Annual International Dragon Boat Festival San Francisco, California.

2006 Face to Face Mission to help women who suffered from domestic violence and children with congenital anomalies. Ho Chi Minh City and Hue, Vietnam. October 14-22, 2006.

2008 Face to Face International Mission to help women who suffered from domestic violence and children with congenital anomalies. Linyi, China. October 9-18, 2008
2011 Big Climb. March 20, 2011:

Big Climb Seattle
March, 20 2011: Come join Dr. Young and his Staff or sponsor our team, Team “Aesthetic Facial Plastic Surgery and Dr. Young”, on the Big Climb in Seattle on Sunday, March 20, 2011. This year’s honoree is Lydia Anderson. The story breaks my heart. You can learn more about Lydia’s story by visiting her CaringBridge site. This is a moving story and is motivation for me, Dr. Young. I have a little girl, Chloe who is 3 years old, almost 4. I also have a little girl, Daphne, who just turned one. Join or support us to support people like her. My staff and I are going to continue doing things like this as much as we can. Here is the site to the Big Climb for more information.

Peace, Love and Happiness to all

-Dr. Young


2011 Susan G Komen, June 5th 2011:

KomenJune 5th, 2011: Come join Dr. Young and “Team Aesthetic Facial Plastic Surgery” during the Susan G. Komen Walk Run for the Cure for Breast Cancer. I choose this event because our Grandmother is a survivor of breast cancer and is cancer free for 5 years. She currently lives in Los Angeles. My family has participated in similar events most recently 2 events with the Revlon Walk Run for Women. This is our personal page on this website, Dr. Young’s Susan G. Komen Personal Page. We would love a donation for this great cause.

-Dr. Young


2013 Big Climb. March 24, 2013:

March 24, 2013: Come Join Dr. Young and Aesthetic Facial Plastic Surgery at the Big Climb. This year’s honoree’s are Greg Dymerski and Caleb Thorsteinson. Caleb will be running with all the volunteers this year at the Big Climb! We are excited to participate in this year’s event.


2014 Face to Face Mission to help women who suffered from domestic violence and children with congenital anomalies. Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. November 11-18, 2014.

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