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Out of Town Consultation with Dr. Philip Young and the other Doctors here at Aesthetic Facial Plastic Surgery

Dr. Young, the other doctors here and his staff set themselves apart from other plastic surgeons. Our Skill, Experience and Unique Award Winning Theory on Facial Beauty set us apart from many other Surgeons who specialize in Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.  Because of this, we have people from all around the world come to our office in Bellevue which is next to Seattle, Washington. He has had patients from Australia, Canada, China, Dubai, England, Germany, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Syria, and people from other places around the world travel to him for his expertise. People in the entertainment industry also seek his services and come to him from distant locations. Here nationally, Dr Young has had patients from California, Minnesota, Montana, Idaho, Alaska, Oregon, Hawaii, Virginia, and other states travel for his services.

You can call us (425.990.3223) or email us to begin the process of setting up a phone consultation anytime.

Our Plastic Surgery Consultation Process begins with your initial phone call (425.990.3223) where you can get your questions answered. We have a Patient Consultation Form and a HIPAA Form (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996). We would like both of these forms to be filled out and sent to us. You are also welcome to email these documents to us. During the consultation process you will have multiple ways to get in touch with us either through email, phone (425.990.3223) and even text messaging. Dr Young strives to be available for all of his patients. For urgent issues, you can call the office and get a hold of him anytime.

The Phone or Video Consultation begins with your discussion with our patient care coordinator. They will answer your questions and prepare you for the consult with the doctor. To help us in this process, we ask that you take 5 basic photos for us to be able to assess your desires and help us answer your questions. These photos will be used by Dr Young during his evaluation.

We can even set up a video conference consultation through Skype.

During the consultation with Dr Young, he will listen and do his best to find the issues that are most important for you and personalize his approach to fit your needs. If you decide to proceed with a procedure, we will set up a pre-procedure appointment that can also be done over the phone. It is at this point that we will go over consents and you will be given your AFPS (Aesthetic Facial Plastic Surgery) care package including the Medications to Avoid. We will discuss the type of anesthesia that would best suit your personal needs with the particular procedure you are having done. Here is a link that describes the different levels of anesthesia that you can choose from.

After your consultation, you can have access to Dr. Young’s personal email which he checks several times in a day to assure that all of his clients’ questions are answered.

On the Day of your Procedure, Dr Young will spend additional time to review your personal case with you. It is during this first face to face meeting that he will decide if the procedures that were planned are indeed the best thing for you.

After the procedure, we will have our nurses go over all of the post procedure instructions with you and your caretaker (this would have been included in the AFPS care package). Here is a link to some post procedure instructions. We give you a chance to read through these before your procedures and we go over them with you and your caretaker right after your procedure. Dr Young will personally call you in the evening to check on you. He will also make sure that your caretaker is comfortable with taking care of you and answer any more questions that may arise. For most of our procedures, we will also have you come back the following day to have Dr Young recheck you and make sure you and your caretaker are doing great at this juncture.

We want the best for you. Dr Young always maintains, as much as possible, an open door policy to help people. Even if you were to decide to go to another doctor for the same procedure, Dr Young would always welcome you to email or call our office anytime for help.

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