Earlobe Gauged Stretched Repair

Gauged | Stretched | Torn Earlobe Repair by Dr. Philip Young Bellevue | Seattle of Aesthetic Facial Plastic Surgery:

Dr. Philip Young brings you more than 12 years of experience in Otoplasty | Otoplasty Revision and the Repair of Gauged Ears. He is a published author on otoplasty. Click here for his 2013 Otoplasty Revision Chapter.

Gauging of the Ears (& its Repair) is a process of stretching out your earlobes progressively with various earlobe gauges and instruments. Although a fashion statement for some, this presentation can often present a hinderance for a person in the professional world. What do you do when you have had your ears gauged and want to change them. Below is a video of a live procedure for you to watch to learn about the process of Plastic Surgery Repair of the Gauged Earlobe and restored so that they can look more normal and presentable in the professional scene:

Earlobe Gauging Repair Before and After Reconstruction: Below are some pictures of before and after Earlobe Plastic Surgery Repair for Earlobe Gauging. These were earlier pictures taken about a month after the reconstruction. The incision, although evident at this point of the healing, will get better with time. There are additional ways to camouflage the incisions which can be done later if needed. The first option being laser resurfacing with some dermasanding / dermabrasion that can be combined to help camouflage the incision even more. Restructuring the incision would be another option but unlikely needed at this time. These are some of the things that can be discussed with your doctor. The earliest that you can laser / dermabrade the incision would be 8 weeks. At this time, you can take advantage of the embryologic healing at this stage that some experts believe is more likely to happen. Note below is a 4 week result and will be even more improved in a year:

Before Otoplasty | Ear Reconstruction for previously Gauged | Stretched | Torn EarlobesAfter Otoplasty | Ear Reconstruction for previously Gauged | Stretched | Torn Earlobes
Before Otoplasty | Ear Reconstruction of previously gauged earsAfter Otoplasty | Ear Reconstruction of previously gauged ears

Torn Earlobe Plastic Surgery: Another reason for earlobe plastic surgery is from the accidental injury of ear rings being torn through the earlobe either completely or incompletely. Heavy earrings are another way of creating, over time, an enlarged earring hole that can give you an undesirable appearance. The repair for this situation is essentially an excision of the hole and closure with repiercing at 3-6 months. There are other complicated ways of fixing the torn earlobe that can avoid piercing and leave you with an earring hole immediately that can be discussed. Dr. Young generally believes, though, that the removal of the torn portion of the earlobe with complete closure gives the best outcome. The video above can give you an idea of how we repair the torn earlobe as well, just in a much less involved manner.

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