Rhinoplasty Introduction

Rhinoplasty Introduction by Dr. Philip Young Young of Bellevue | Seattle’s Aesthetic Facial Plastic Surgery

Dr. Philip Young of Bellevue | Seattle is a Rhinoplasty | Rhinoplasty Revision Expert with over 12 years of experience in this field. He is an author of mutiple chapters and peer reviewed articles on this and many subjects in Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. Click here for his chapter on Rhinoplasty and the Management of the Crooked Nose Deformity. Find out why people from all over the world are traveling to see him and the Top Ten Reasons to choose Dr. Philip Young and our Team.

Before Rhinoplasty and Nasal Tip ShapingAfter Rhinoplasty and Nasal Tip Shaping

Rhinoplasty is a procedure that entails changing the external and many times the internal shape of your nose. It is the plastic surgery of the nose. Of all the things that can be done to the face, the Rhinoplasty procedure can have one of the biggest impacts on the beauty of your face. Because it is in the center of your face, changing the nose in its appearance can have significant effects on the balance of your face. With Rhinoplasty, these effects on balance and symmetry can markedly improve your facial aesthetics. In Dr. Young’s New Theory on Facial Beauty, he found that the nose was one of the center pieces and shapes of the face. The eyes, nose and mouth are the major shapes within the face. Within the nose, in particular, the nasal tip assumes a very significant distinction as it is one of the major primary Circles of Prominences within the face. The iris and the center of the lower lip are the other primary circles within the eyes and mouth regions. Based on where your primary circles lie, your face will assume symmetry and be in balance or not. It is in balance, when the distance from the iris to the middle part of the face between the eyes is equal to the distance: 1. between the horizontal level of the iris and the nasal tip; 2. from the nasal tip to the center of the lower lip; 3. from the center of the lower lip to the bottom of the chin. Of the eyes, nose and mouth, the most accessible way to change the balance of your face is through changing your nose. The distance between the eyes is set, although it can be changed through radical surgery, most people would not want to go through such risky procedures to change the distance bewteen the eyes. To change the distance betweeen the eyes, it essentially it entails craniofacial / neurosurgical procedures. This is not usually an attractive option. The mouth can be changed to a degree, some of this can be done through oral maxillofacial procedures that involve cutting through your facial bones to set them in a new position. Often times, this requires wiring the jaw shut for weeks at a time. The chin can be changed through procedures that involve chin plastic surgery / chin reshaping and this is feasible just as much as the Rhinoplasty procedure. But because the chin is at the bottom of the face, the impact that changes have here are less significant in contrast to the rhinoplasty procedure.

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