Aesthetic Facial Body Plastic Surgery
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By Seattle Bellevue's Founder of a New Theory on Beauty Dr. Philip Young & American College of Surgeons Resident Exemplary Teaching Awarded & Vanderbilt Trained Dr. Rikesh Parikh:


Aesthetic Facial Plastic Surgery Introduction Video:

Below is an introduction into our practice here at Aesthetic Facial Body Plastic Surgery. Our mission is to treat our patients like one of our closest friends and family. This is our formal mission statement: "We are facial and body plastic surgeons who set ourselves apart with our passion to get the best and most natural results through the fusion of traditional thoughts with innovation and thinking outside of the box. Our mission is to put all of our love into the procedures we do and take care of people as if they were our closest friends and family. We want to deliver unwavering quality care to improve people's lives through Facial Body Plastic Surgery and the YoungVitalizer"

Follow this link to read Dr. Philip Young's Testimonials Reviews from his amazing patients.


Botox Voluma Testimonial by Helen Farid:

This patient discusses her experience with Botox and Voluma at our office. Botox is a neuromuscular agent that blocks your muscle from moving. In doing so, you essentially prevent your muscles from moving which create your wrinkles. This is a temporary measure that lasts approximately anywhere from 3 to 4 months. You can sometimes avoid doing it every 3 to 4 months and do it on a biannual basis. Voluma is a volumizing agent for filler that is made out of hyaluronic acid that brings volume to your face. When placed in a correct manner you can get a lot of anti-aging improvement qualities from the filler.


Below James Sumner tells us about his experience with Browlift, Facelift, Necklift, Upper Eyelid Lift with our Office:

The video below talks about our patient James Sumner's experience with a browlift, facelift, neck lift, an upper eyelid lift. A Browlift can be used to elevate your eyebrows to give you more of an awake and youthful look. A Facelift can be used to elevate your jowls which are the tissue that hangs that's just behind your chin and behind your your mouthlines. The Neck lift is used to tighten the saggy part of your neck, your double chin and your turkey gobbler. And the Upper eyelid lift is used to take extra skin from your upper eyelids in conjunction with a Browlift.


Below Jan Schiffner tells us about her experience with The YoungVitalizer, The Incision Less Facial Procedure with our Office:

The YoungVitalizer is our Incisionless Facial Rejuvenation Procedure that our patient Jan Schiffner is talking about in this video. You can achieve even better results with The YoungVitalizer in place of a brow lift, eye lift, facelift, mouth rejuvenation procedures, & a mid facelift with just one procedure that is done with no facial incisions with the The YoungVitalizer.


Below Karen Krape, The Owner of the Northwest Women’s Show tells us about her experience with a Traditional Facelift and The YoungVitalizer, The Incision Less Facelift with our Office:

As we discussed with the last video, the The YoungVitalizer is the Incision Less Facial Rejuvenation Procedure that was developed by Dr. Philip Young. 1.) There are many benefits with the The YoungVitalizer including a more natural and youthgul look that avoids the pulled and operated look. 2.) It is also the best procedure for skin rejuvenation that Dr. Philip Young has experienced in all of his years in practice including laser resurfacing, the most aggressive skin care and face lifts etc. 3.)The Young Vitalizer is also done with no facial incisions. 4.) It is also based on an Award-Winning Theory on Facial Beauty that helps us get the best results. Here is a comparison chart that discusses the pros and cons of the YoungVitalizer versus Facelifting and Traditional Procedures and Fillers: The YoungVitalizer Comparision Chart between Facelifts & Fillers


Below Patricia Brown tells us about her experience with a Facelift, Necklift, Upper Eyelid Lift and the YoungVitalizer, The Incision Less Facelift with our Office:

Patricia also had the YoungVitalizer, facelift, neck lift, and upper eyelid lift and she tells her experience about these procedures. Often times what we do is combine the YoungVitalizer with either a face or neck lift. Essentially they can be combined together because we replace the fat in areas that we do not carry out the face and neck lift. In general my most simplest approach to facial rejuvenation is this: For the jowls a facelift is the best option. For the neck turkey gobbler or double chin, the neck lift is the best procedure. Basically for everything on the rest of the face the YoungVitalizer can give you a marked improvement in making you look more youthful and improve your appearance in a natural way.