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By Seattle | Bellevue's Facial & Temple Implant Specialist Dr. Philip Young

Look Healthier and Younger Again. Fill in those Hollows in your Temples that easily give your age away.

First - Learn How our Award Winning Theory on Beauty is applied with Facial Implants to Help You Get the Best Results in our Most Recent Facial Implant Video by Seattle | Bellevue's Dr. Philip Young

Award Winning Beauty Theorist, Double Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon Dr. Philip Young is in expert in the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery of the Face and Facial Implants. Temple implants are a new implant that surgeons are bringing into their practice. Temple hollowing can be an obvious sign of aging. Temple implants can fill in those hollows and bring youth and health back to your face. In addition, filling in your temples helps to create more of a heart shape to your face. The temple volumizing helps change your face from a square face to a face that is more oval and pear or heart shaped. Find out more unique things about us by clicking here: Top Ten Reasons to Choose Dr. Philip Young. Through his 5 years of experience learning from renowned facial plastic surgeons in Beverly Hills and with his 24 years of higher education and the practice of facial plastic surgery, Dr. Philip Young brings you the most advanced knowledge and approaches into the enhancement of your face through Facial and Temple Implants.

Temple Implants Before and After:

Temple Implants
Before Temple Implants Front Side
Temple Implants
After Temple Implants Front Side

Temple implants are placed through an incision line that is behind your hairline right above your ear. This incision can be done in such a way that can be hidden very well. The incision is taken to a plane that allows mm implant to sit in the best area to give volume in the temple area. Temple Hollowing contributes to aging in essentially every person. Temple hollowing and volume loss leads to an inferior descent of the lateral portion of the eyebrows as well as an increased presence of extra skin and tissue that covers a lot of the lateral part of your eye. Augmentation of the temple area can Elevate the lateral part of the eye as well as decrease the tissue and drooping of the lateral portion of the eyelid.