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Of Aesthetic Facial Body Plastic Surgery & USC, Tulane Trained & Educated Facial Plastic Surgeon Dr Philip Young & Worthington B. Shenck Awarded State University of New York Educated Plastic Surgeon Dr. Rikesh Parikh

Below Dr. Philip Young talks about our Plastic Surgery Practice, Why we exist / What drives us, Thinking outside of the box, and his Discovery of a New theory on Beauty called the Circles of Prominence:

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The Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care is a private, non-profit organization formed to assist ambulatory health care organizations improve the quality of care provided to patients. They are the leader in ambulatory health care accreditation currently accrediting almost 5,000 organizations. They are special because they use active health care professionals to perform the accreditation survey. Their surveyors are experienced medical practitioners who bring a professional understanding to this process that they say gives their process a more “real world” feel. This peer-based survey process, along with their excellent education programs and industry-leading research abilities, set them apart from all other accreditation organizations. Accreditation from AAAHC helps ambulatory care centers like ours comply with nationally-recognized standards of patient care. Their accreditation is recognized by third party payers, medical societies, state and government agencies. Most importantly, it provides reassurance for our patients to know that our organization provides quality health care.

Here is Aesthetic Facial Plastic Surgery’s letter of Accreditation by the AAAHC:

Accrediation September 9 2014 Page 1 Accrediation September 9 2014 Page2

Importantly, we would like you to know that beyond all of our licenses. One of our main goals is to take care of people like they were like one of our closest friends and family. This goes beyond the basic licensing. Once an institution gets there license what goes on in the background is very important and not the licensing. Dr. Young is proud of having some of the most conscientious staff. They go above and beyond to make sure your environment is safe so that you can get the best results available. We constantly stress this to each other and help one another get better everyday. We are like family in our office and we feel our results show the love we all have for each other.

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