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By Sir Harold Delf Gillies Awarded & Discoverer of a New Theory on Beauty Dr. Philip Young & Arnold P. Gold Foundation Awarded Plastic Surgeon Dr. Rikesh Parikh

Below you will see a series of photos that document the healing and recovery process after Intense Pulse Light. This patient is actually related to Dr. Young. At Aesthetic Facial Plastic Surgery, we believe in treating every patient as a family or friend. It is why what we recommend for you is the same treatments and procedures that we would recommend to our closest family and friends!

Intense Pulse Light is a great non-invasive way to rejuvenate your face and skin making you feel refreshed. Instead of having sun spots and red discoloration in your skin, why not have clearer and brighter skin which can often brighten up how you feel inside. The downtime is minimal with some mild redness and some changes to your dark spots. In order for us to help you in the process, we came up with this short photo diary of the changes that can occur in your skin after a photo facial with Intense Pulse Light.

The picture below is the day after (day 2) an Intense Pulse Light Treatment to the whole face. Notice how the dark spots are starting to turn really dark and conglomerate. There is just minimal redness around the dark spots. If there is more significant redness we can prescribe you topical steroid for temporary use to decrease the inflammation. Call our office any time for us to help you with this. These dark spots eventually come off as you will see:

The picture below is the day 4. Notice how the dark spots are starting to conglomerate even more and some of them have been absorbed or fallen off. The dark spots can be seen to be more clumped together and there are fewer in number. The redness is starting to go down even more. The general skin tone seems to be getting lighter as well:

The picture below is the day 6. There is a significant decrease in the number of spots. Notice the dark spot next to the eye has sharply changed to a much lighter state. Most of the dark pigment next to the eye is gone. There are areas where there is hypopigmentation (lighter areas in the skin devoid of pigment) that will come back. The skin tone appears even lighter:

The picture below is the day 8. More spots have fallen off. The skin tone appears to be coming back to a lighter state but still lighter than before:

The picture below is the day 10. The skin is much lighter and the tone appears more even. The very dark spot next to the eye is markedly reduced but not gone. Overall a major improvement in her skin, in general:

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