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Lasers and Light, Peels and Abrasions Seattle Bellevue

Seattle's Laser & Chemical Peel Expert Dr. Philip Young presents his publication of a chapter on Laser & Resurfacing Techniques for the East Asian Clientele

The use of lasers, chemical peels, and resurfacing techniques for the East Asian Clientele requires experience. Most clinicians are weary about using resurfacing on Dark Asian Skin. The risks of hyper and hypopigmentation with East Asian Skin is higher. Hypopigmentation that presents with lighter tones and colors of the skin are more conspicuous in the darker Asian skin. Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation can present challenges to the patient and doctor during the recovery. Sometimes this hyperpigmentation can be permanent. These are some of the reasons Clinicians and surgeons all over the world are more hesistant to treat the East Asian Client with resurfacing techniques.