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By Seattle Bellevue's Sir Harold Delf Gillies & McGraw Hill Awarded Facial Plastic Surgeon Dr. Philip Young & Worthington B. Shenck & Arnold P. Gold Foundation Awarded Plastic Surgeon Dr Rikesh Parikh.

Botox® is a neuromuscular agent | toxin that essentially paralyzes muscles that you select very finely to get the results you want. With the lack of movement of the muscles your wrinkles are not dynamically created throughout the day. Hence Botox® decreases dynamic wrinkling to essentially make it look like your wrinkles are are better or decreased. Botox® is most often used in between the eyes for the 11 lines (glabella), the crows feet or lateral portion of the eyes and the forehead wrinkles. Voluma™ is a hyaluronic acid that pulls in water to create volume in your face.Volume loss plays a big factor in aging. Voluma™ is like Restylane® and Juvéderm® except it's a bigger molecule and the thought is that it takes longer to degrade. Hence the results are longer. Voluma™ is most often used in the cheeks and the deeper part of the cheeks next to the bone or Cheek bone.

Below Helen Farid tells us about her experience with Botox® and Voluma™ Facial Filler with our Office:


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"My name is Helen Faird and I had Botox® and Voluma™. There were a few factors that went into it. First I definitely have family members that have some very deep lines and creases in their faces and I just knew that that was kind of my fate. So I wanted to do some things that would make sure that didn't happen in the future. When I came into the office and met with the staff, everyone was very friendly, very easygoing and generous with your time, which made the decision very easy for me. He didn't start talking right at me at first. He I knew I had questions and he knew I had some concerns. He addressed every one of them. He makes sure that everyone is calm and comfortable. The staff is really great in making sure that everyone is taking care of, all of your needs are met, your questions are answered before you know any needles or pulled out or anything happens. I've also had several times when I've gone home and I've had questions and they're quick to respond. I don't think I've ever had to wait for an answer. So its really a full service type of practice. I still have a lot of movement in my forehead. I can raise my eyebrows. No one knew that I had a procedure done. My cheeks they definitely have more definition and volume. The experience that I've had has been everything that I wanted it to be. It can be a little bit scary walking into a doctors office and telling them or asking them what you need fixed on your face and no one has ever said anything that was extreme. No one has ever made me doubt myself. It's really been a confidence boost more than anything coming here and I think pays off more than anything."

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