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  1. Dr. Young performed an eyelid lift (blephaloplasty) on me and I love the results. The whole process was a positive experience- from understanding my options to being prepped and post-op care. He is so thoughtful and skilled. My eyes don't just look bigger and more open- but they are more even now too. His staff is great too! Great experience all around!
    T.K. Bainbridge, Washington on Real Self & Yelp
  2. Philip Young, MD 5 out of 5 stars on Real Self.com."Dr. Young and his Amazing Team: 7+ months ago, my eyes always look tired and puffy due to the eye bags and I decided to schedule an appointment with Dr. Philip Young to remove the fat (eye bag). The first 5 months after the incision, I was disappointed and had regretted it because of the incision was very obvious though the eye bags were gone. During those follow-up visits, Dr. Young was always available via phone/text to check in for questions and he had offered so many other free options to cover and speed up the healing of the incision, and I had kindly rejected them. However after 6+ months, I was happy and satisfied with the prettier and happier look that I ever want. Now at the 7th month, I "LOVE" it and regret not to have it done sooner. Looking back to my old pictures, I look 10 years younger and my friends have been telling me so too. Thank you so much Dr. Young and your team for the wonderful work and skill.
    -K.T. 40's Asian Vietnamese Female from South Seattle, Washington.
  3. "My friends say that I have my 20-year old eyes back."
    Kimberly B. 40's White Female from Anacortes, Washington
  4. "I absolutely love the change in my eyes that Dr Young did. People tell me: 'Wow, I can't believe your eyes and face look so good – I don't know what it is, but you look so much better!' Dr Young you really did a great job!"
    VW 60's Caucasian Female from Kent, WA
  5. ";I've been looking for a job for a year. Three weeks after I had my eyes done I got hired. The people that hired me didn’t think I was as old as I actually am. I'm very happy with my results."
    D.T. 60's Caucasian Female from Enuwclaw, Washington.
  6. For the Picture Above: "I think the YoungVitalizer™ has made my eyes look so much better. My hairdresser didn't know what was done but told me my skin looked gorgeous."
    S.R. 60's White Female from Yakima, Washington.
  7. Dr. Young has set the clock back so that I look as young on the outside as I have always felt inside.
    J.S. 60's Caucasian Female from Everett, Washington.
  8. "When I wake up, I don't look sick or 60 anymore. And I don't need to wear as much make up! Thank you, Dr. Young."
    J.H. 60's Caucasian Female from Federal Way, Washington
  9. "Dear Dr. Young,
    Thank you so much for the amazing work you did on me. I feel refreshed, more confident and everyone who has seen me lately says I look great and wants to know what I have been doing or what herbs I have been taking to look this way. That is a real sign of a great doctor. One who can make you look like you – just more youthful and natural. In my business, it is important that I look rested and at my best. I would be more than happy to recommend you to anyone considering any type of plastic surgery."
    With sincere gratitude,
    MM 60's Hispanic Male from Kirkland, Washington.
  10. Dr Young did an amazing job, now I am really happy with my results. He has a very high quality service, everyone in the clinic is very nice. Nice place, the location is easy to find, good location. I feel very comfortable to be here, very comfortable to do surgery. Everyone here is so nice here, it was a good experience and easy to do surgery. I recommend everyone to come here. Dr. Young is a perfectionist, he has been doing this for a long time I recommend him.
    Helen Guan Posted in Dec 2016 5 starts
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