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This is what a recent patient that had our fat injections to her face wrote to us on September 26, 2011:

“Also, my editor is here in Stockholm with me and she last saw me in august in NY, at our editorial meeting. When she first saw me at the meeting, she looked at me and said “You are looking most beautiful, ______,” And she kept staring at me. Then she finally asked if I had a little work done, and I told her. She thinks I look fantastic, and so natural. That I just looked improved and not different, and also much younger and fresher. She just keeps marveling over it. So that’s another compliment. And this PR person from Pfizer, who I see at all the conferences, told me that I looked great and wanted to know my secret for not getting jet lagged. This was after not getting any sleep for two days, and she thought I looked great.”

This same patient said this on September 22, 2011:

“Well despite my concern about lines around the eyes and blue veins, you did a fantastic job. I’m in Stockholm right now, and 2 people who I met for the first time (and who have good eyesight) thought I was in my early/mid-thirties!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It came up over the course of conversation. Of course I didn’t correct them. So I am floating on cloud. My eyes do look a little worse because I am still a bit dehydrated from the long flight, and also not getting much sleep. But otherwise, it looks good. Will discuss the touch-ups, ie, pinch, laser, when I get back. But I just wanted you to know what a good job you did.”

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