Skin Lesion Mole Removal Testimonial | Reviews for Facial Plastic Surgery Expert Dr. Philip Young Bellevue & Seattle

See Dr. Young Vaporize a Mole Live. Watch Dr. Young discuss Mole Removal and the Options. In this video, we will also show multiple before & afters; discuss pros and cons; and also show you the live surgery process for mole removal including topical and local anesthesia techniques:

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  1. First Case:
    Hi Dr. Young!
    Thanks for the email. I am so happy with the work you did removing my mole on my nose – its been over 6 mos and no sign of it returning and absolutely no scar! I thought I was doomed to having a big chunk taken out of my nose – two other doctors said that was the only option. Thank you again! I look forward to seeing you again!
    40's Caucasian Female 6/5/2012 8:36pm
  2. 1. Scar Treatment | Revision | Removal and Skin Lesion Mole Removal
    Posted July 3rd, 2015 on Real Self Although scars can never be completed erased, I have received optimal results from scar removal procedures performed by Dr. Philip Young. I selected Dr. Young after researching many local cosmetic surgeons because I have found his skills as a surgeon to be first-rate. Dr. Young is very meticulous with the quality and outcome of the results for his patients, which is why I chose him. I have worked in health care for about ten years and currently work for a large organization. I decided to go to Dr. Young even over the director of our reconstructive department. Initially, I was told by many doctors that there would be no way to remove any of the moles I had without leaving a visible scar because of the depth, size, and integrity of the moles. The tradeoff did not sound worth it. However, through research I came across Dr. Young and his approach to removing moles cosmetically. Dr. Young's made a great decision to do a light pass with a CO2 Laser, which is far more logical the other doctors I saw that suggested excising or other methods that are not appropriate. I was surprised that even trained doctors made a very poor suggestions. I discovered that many of the doctors who insisted I would have an unsuccessful outcome are because most doctors still are practicing older methods even in the plastic surgery world. Dr. Young's style is more contemporary with his techniques and choices for treatments. Dr. Young provided a free consultation where he felt the dimensions of my indented moles to be removed. Dr. Young decided to remove many unsightly moles with a light pass from a CO2 Laser. For my procedure I was really nervous, they had me sit in a basic room where they had me lay on that and then prepped the area with local anesthesia. Dr. Young marked dotted around my moles, I could hear but not feel the laser at all. Honestly I wish I could've seen what he was doing! I washed around the bandages and they were supposed to fall off, but mine stuck on for a quite some time. I irrigated the sites continuously as instructed. After a few weeks there were some red marks, which is normal, I did let an appropriate amount of time go by before I had some IPL/Vbeam to take some of the red away, the red is just blood coagulated and the red color subsides regardless if IPL or Vbeam is used. In my case, the red was for the most part gone even before. With proper post-op care and treatment with prescription strength cream (Fusion Scar) I was left only with faint white spots. Post-op a year later, the spots minimized in their appearance to the point where when I was taking picture results with Dr. Young we could not even find where the moles had been removed. Dr. Young did such an amazing job that both he and I could not even locate where many of the moles where. I see another dermatologist and she was amazed by the job Dr. Young did. My moles have been my trademark since I was a kid. My moles were how people could tell me apart from other kids or how I knew which hand was my left. Most people didn't notice them, but people did ask about them. As an adult, it looked a bit more awkward to have these and although it was completely cosmetic I am happy that I was able find the results I was looking for. I was determined to get rid of my moles mostly for my own personal acceptance. I am so thrilled with the results and patient care I received from Dr. Young, I will be seeing him for a scar revision I got from a botched biopsy. I have had four scar revisions on this area and seen some of the best plastic surgeons in Seattle but I trust Dr. Young. I have confidence that the results I will get are consistent to what he routinely produces. I will commute to Dr. Young's office because I feel the quality he gives as a provider is worth my money, travel, and time. I am more than willing to respond to any questions regarding my testimonial and share my experience any time and with anyone.
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