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Turkey Neck Lift Dr. Philip Young of Bellevue | Seattle

Dr. Young likes to do hisPlastic Surgery neck lifts using techniques that he developed based on over 1200 neck and facelifts. The direct approach to the neck lift is often referred to as the turkey neck lift or t-neck lift by some. Dr. Young believes the better terminology should incorporate “Direct” in the description because it approaches the neck lift through incisions “directly” through the front of the neck. As with other neck lifts, the direct approach to the neck lift still entails contouring the platysma muscle, as shown in the picture below. That muscle is sewn in the middle starting just under your chin and then this is continued down to the base of your neck and then back up again in a corset type manner. The difference with the direct approach is that the incision is not limited to just under the chin. These direct approaches often entail incisions that run straight down the front of the neck. Because of this extensive incision that is in front of the neck and easily visible, the direct approach is not favored by the public and by surgeons who perform neck lifts.

Direct Neck Lift Wavy Line Incision

The benefit of doing the Direct Neck Lift Approach is that it can be associated with less undermining of the skin and hence can be thought of as minimally invasive. After tailoring the Playsma muscle which we will explain in more detail, you will have extra skin that you will also have to tailor. Usually this skin is just excised in the middle coinciding to the incision that is shown in green above. When the skin becomes excessive, you often have to incorporate horizontal or transverse incisions shown in the image below:

1Direct Neck Lift Wavy Line with Transverse Component Incision

The main benefit that a Direct Neck lift offers is that you don’t have to undermine much farther laterally than just that middle part of the neck. Hence, it may be considered a less involved neck lift. Dr. Young believes, though, that the incision in front of the neck makes it more of a procedure in many ways, mainly given that the incision becomes more visible and you often get a less than optimal cosmetic result.

  • When we do this type of an approach, after we thoroughly explain the incision that runs down the front of the neck, we incorporate all that we can to ensure the best outcome in the healing of that incision. These techniques and precautions we utilize are:
  • Using the smallest, finest sutures, some of which are tinier than your hair
  • Avoiding excessive tension on the skin that can lead to more scarring along the incision line
  • Careful instructions to aid your personal care for your incisions with our neck lift care package
  • Close follow-up to ensure that you are taking care of your incisions with more frequent follow-up if we are detecting less than optimal care (we stress that you come in to see us the next day after your procedure, then at least 6 days later)
  • Accessibility so that you can ask your questions easily [you can always email, or call (425-990-3223) anytime]
  • Careful closure of the incisions that incorporates slightly looser tying of the sutures which leads to less strangulation of the incision line and more improved healing
  • We are always improving on this through frequent literature searches to find the best approaches to healing and incision care.

Here is a little description on how the neck lift is carried out with the help of the platysma muscle. Below is a picture of the face and neck anatomy. The platysma muscle is the superficial muscle in the neck that we use to contour the neck with the use of sutures. This suture wrapping of this muscle is mainly done in the middle of the neck just under the chin and it is continued to the base of the neck and then back again to just under the chin. This approach is often referred to as the corset approach. We use semi-permanent sutures to do this corset. These sutures absorb over a long period usually 3-6 months. During this time, your tissues heal and the connective tissue / collage that is produced creates a more permanent shape to your neck. As this occurs, your sutures start to become absorbed and in a few months they will be completely dissolved under your skin.

Neck Anatomy

Below is another picture showing where we suture the platysma muscle. With the direct approach, this platysma muscle suturing is done under the incision that is run down the front of the neck. After tightening the platysma muscle, you will have extra skin that will need to be excised away as discussed above.

Corset Neck Lift Platsymaplasty Dr. Young Bellevue, WA

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The following link will take you to some Pre Procedure Care Packages. that should be very useful for preparing for your future Neck lift.

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