Below are some more Facial Fillers | Injectables Learning Videos. You can learn more about these procedures here: Facial Fillers | Injectables.

See this 5 min Intro into Facial Fillers. Learn How Dr. Young's Theory on Beauty Helps us get You the Best Results!:

In this video, we intro Dr. Young's Award Winning Theory on Beauty and how it is applied to the different areas that fillers are used in the face. We discuss, the important points of our theory and how each area of the face is enhanced for the best look. We will also show you multiple before and afters to give you an idea of what to expect!

Restylane® Fillers | Injectibles to the Under Eyes

There are many options for correcting and improving under eye hollows and bags. Fillers remain as one of the top choices due to their faster recovery and minimally invasive nature. Fillers have no need for systemic anesthesia and they are faster to do then surgical procedures. Aging in the under eye is parodoxically due to a volume loss which reveals the junction between the eyelid fat and the cheek fat.

Oftentimes, filling in between these pockets and in the hollow can dramatically improve your looks in this region. Fillers last 6 months to a year. It has been more common to see these fillers last longer than this period in our experience. Other options include fat injections, the YoungVitalizer, facial implants, lower eyelid blepharoplasty or eyelift. All of these options are directed at filling in the junction between the eyelid and cheek fat specifically at the hollows. The eyelift entails removing fat, skin and muscle. Variations on how to do the eyelift can address different things that patients want improved.

Restylane® Injections Fillers | Injectibles to the lips

Fillers are a common choice to augment and shape the lips. Dr Young will use his theory on beauty to get the best results. You can read our Philosophy Page to read more about Dr. Young's award winning Theory on Beauty. Through additional research and his 3rd paper on facial beauty just submitted in August 2016, we have discovered more things about the beauty in the lips.

Augmenting the lips can drastically enhance your look. The lips are at the opening of the mouth. They are associated with yelling, eating and some primitive behaviors. Augmenting the lips can enhance your sexuality because of this association.

Restylane® injections Fillers | Injectibles to the nasolabial folds

Sculptra Fillers Injections for Cheek Augmentation | Enhancement

Restylane® Fillers | Injectibles to the corners of the mouth and marionette lines | frown lines

Restylane® to the Chin area to help the folds | wrinkles in the chin area and the marionette lines | frown lines

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