Below is our Introductory video on the PermaLip Augmentation:

The Above video is our new live video showing a permanent option to lip augmentation called PermaLip Implants. Warning this is a graphic video showing live surgery. This procedure can be done under local anesthesia in as little as 45 minutes. These implants are permanent and will last the rest of your life. This is a great option if you are tired of temporary fillers that only last a few months.

Restylane® Lip Injections:

Restylane® lip injections Dr. Philip Young of Seattle | Bellevue. Sir Harold Delf Gillies Award-winning author of a new theory on facial Beauty uses this new knowledge in shaping your lips. This Theory on Beauty gives our team an incredible advantage in getting the best results available and the best results with your Lip Injections.

Corner of the Lip Lift:

Below is a video of a Corner of the Lip Lift which is used to improve the frown appearance and give a person a better appearance. The corner of the lip lift can improve the wrinkles and folds at the corner of the mouth and the downturned lip and mouth appearance. The incision is made at the corners of lips. Although in a conspicuous location, the incision hides well in the corners.

Lip Reduction & Thinning:

Lip Reduction and Thinning is shown in this video below. The incision is located at the wet dry border that hides the incision well. This is located where the dry red portion of the lip transitions to the wet part of the red lip.

Our team knows the ideal sizes of both your upper and lower lips based on the research that we have done on Facial Beauty. We feel we can get you the best results available based on this knowledge. Follow the navigation above the category "Our Philosophy" to learn more about this exciting theory.

Upper lip Lift:

An Overview of Lip Augmentation including Buffalo | Gull Wing Lip Lift and VY Advancement by Dr. Philip Young of Seattle | Bellevue

This is our older permalip video:

A PermaLip Augmentation by Dr. Philip Young of Seattle | Bellevue. This is a silicone implant that is placed at the corners of the lips through a very small incision that hides well in this location.

Buffalo Gull Wing Lip Lift Dr. Philip Young of Seattle | Bellevue. This lip lift can do really amazing things for your beauty. Sometimes, the benefits of this procedure is hard to see. We have had many people come to ask about many different things including cheek implants, lip enhancement and nose procedures who really can benefit from a lip lift.

This is something that requires some experience and insight into Facial Beauty to understand how this can benefit your face. We can analyze your face and figure out whether the Buffalo Gull Wing lip lift can help you. Based on Dr Young's Theory of Beauty we know or have a very good idea about the ideal distance between the bottom of your nose and the upper portion of your lip. During a consultation we can explain our thoughts on this distance and how a Buffalo Gull Wing lip lift can help you in a significant way.

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