Here are some more Chemical Peel | Resurfacing Learning Videos. You can learn more on our main Chemical Peel | Resurfacing Webpage.

Chemical Peel Jessner’s Live Video Demonstration

TCA Cross Method – Acne Scar Remedy / Treatment Thru the use of 80% TCA for Ice Pick Scars

Related to Chemical Peels are another resurfacing modality called cO2 Laser Resurfacing. The principles are the same each resurfacing takes down layers of the skin and the skin cells from deep within the hair follicle grow and resurface and reline the skin that has been taken down | away. What results is new skin and a layer of collagen underneath the new skin that helps with fine wrinkles, uneven pigmentation, and surface irregularities | moles | lesions.

Also with resurfacing, you will decrease the number of bad cells and refresh them with new cells. It has been shown with medium to deep chemical peels and laser resurfacing that the number of precancerous cells and ultimately lesions are decreased. From this, you can draw the conclusion that your chance of skin cancer is decreased with resurfacing.

Learn the Yogurt Grapefruit Peel and do it yourself at home

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