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News Letter
By Award Winning Beauty Theorist & Facial Plastic Surgeon Dr. Philip Young & Vanderbilt Trained Rikesh Parikh:


The following Newsletters are just a portion of of the ones that you will be getting as one of our patient client members. Below are mostly the more important stories and interesting articles that we have written that we believe represent what is special about our newsletters. We hope you enjoy the stories and presentations that represent a unique part of our Human Experience!:

Plastic Surgery Story of Hope About our Patient with Myasthenia Gravis, Ovarian Cancer who had an Eyelift

Holidays & Heart Attacks? Protect You and Your Loved Ones & Learn the Association from Dr. Young's Research

Touching Story to Remind You to be Impeccable with Your Words

A Story about Acne Scarring, Post Traumatic Stress Disorders and its relation to the Developing Brain

August 2016 Self Harm Injuries: A Story of Healing & Understanding

June 2016 Open up Your Life and read this story about a Serendipitous Hosting of a Vietnamese Doctor - The Law of Giving in Action

April 2016 Dr. Young's Offering Filler at Nurse Pricing for One week...

March 2016 See Dr. Young's Own Fillers Results to his Cheeks & Under Eye Area

March 2016 Fascinating Story about one of our Filler

Feb 2016 Newsletter for Feb & March

Oct 2015 November Special

Oct 2015 VIP Complimentary Botox® and Microdermabration

Oct 2015 October Specials

Oct 2015 Western Washington Best of Email

Sep 2015 November Specials 2

Sep 2015 November Specials 1

August 2015 Announcenment

July 2015 Dr. Parikh Announcement

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July 2015 Newsletter

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