Dr. Young presents and shows in live video demonstrations procedures covering Blepharoplasty, Brow lift, Eye lift. These procedures are related to the eyes and eyebrows and will be helpful to know when considering anything to help rejuvenate your eye region.

Many times people will decide between a brow lift, eye lift, and other means in improving the appearance of one's eyes. Dr. Young believes that volumizing will be a very important part of this whole process now and in the near future. This idea can be more properly exemplified in the pages on Fillers and The YoungVitalizer.

BrowLift Video Testimonial by James Sumner, one of our wonderful patients:

Hear James talk about his experience with our Team and Dr. Philip Young. The browlift is used to elevate the eybrows.

If your eyebrow height (or the distance from the bottom of your eyebrow to the eyelid margin, by your eyelashes) is less than the colored part of your eye (iris), you could benefit from elevating your eyebrow. If your eyebrow height is at one colored part of your eye (or iris), you are already at the ideal position and some other procedure maybe more beneficial in improving your appearance.

Must see Eye lift Secrets Revealed. Learn the Basics about the Brow lift, Upper & Lower Eye Lift - Seattle, Bellevue

See our secret formula for determining whether a brow lift or eye lift is more suited for you. We use our award winning theory on beauty that was discovered by Dr. Philip Young to help us make these very important decisions. See what our simple formula is in this video:

The co2 Laser Eye lift Resurfacing:

Dr. Philip Young discusses and demonstrates a Laser Eyelid Lift.

This can improve the wrinkles in this area, reduce sun spots, remove skin lesions | moles, tighten the eyelid area. We will discuss fractional and less invasive settins along with more traditional approaches.

Asian Blepharoplasty and the Double Eyelid Crease Formation Procedure:

Dr. Philip Young discusses and demonstrates setting the eyelid crease.

Although this is used in Asian patients quite a bit more frequently than caucasian patients, this can be used in other ethnicities to improve the appearance of the eyes. You could benefit from this if you don't have an eyelid crease or it is very low, if you have multiple creases, etc.:

Forehead Osteoma Bony Lesion Removal

Below is a video where Dr. Philip Young discusses and demonstrates in a live video the removal of a bony lesion | osteoma in the forehead scalp region:

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