Dr. Young Discusses Jaw Implants / Jaw Augmentation and how the procedure is done and what it can do for you in this Longer Version Video On Jaw Augmentation below:

Below you can scroll down to see a chin implant video that is part of enhancing the jawline. This procedure may be even fit you more depending on your situation.

Silicone Jaw Augmentation is the process of using implants to create more volume and shape to the lower part of the face near the Angle of the Mandible / Jaw. This procedure can be done for both our male and female patients. The results lead to a stronger appearance in the lower part of the face. In males, it can accentuate their masculinity.

For females, it can be the difference between a balanced and more beautiful face and one that is not. Jaw augmentation can be done to beautify both the male and female face while maintaining their sexual identity. This procedure can also be used to change one’s identity as well. For the female patient that wishes to look more masculine, jaw augmentation can really make a significant impact in achieving this.

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