By Bellevue Seattle's Facial Rejuvenation Expert, Published Author, Medical Mission Contributor Dr. Philip Young

Here you will see the Neck Lift with Liposuction Introduced from the Neck Lift Approach:

This Introductory Video will Reveal our Secrets to facial rejuvenation with a Simplified Formula for Success:

Video on the Facelift Procedure & the difference between the Deep Plane Face lift and Mini Face lift by Beauty Theorist Dr. Philip Young Below:

We discuss the difference between a deeper plane facelift and mini lifts that are often done more recently. We will show you the anatomy in great detail for your learning.

Video on the Facelift Procedure and how it is used to treat the crows feet Below:

In this video we specifically talk about how we Elevate the latter part of the eye and the eye muscles in this location to help with the crowsfeet. The Deep plane is discussed as well. Watch how we pull on the SMAS and show you where the face is pulled up:

Introducing the YoungVitalizer, The Incision Less Facial Rejuvenation Below:

You can look 10 years younger with no facial incisions with the YoungVitalizer. The minimally invasive procedure that could be the future in facial rejuvenation.

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