OTOPLASTY TESTIMONIAL SEATTLE BELLEVUE By Seattle Bellevue's Otoplasty Revision Published Author & Awarded Beauty Theory Founder Dr. Philip Young

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This Otoplasty | Ear Plastic Surgery was made through incisions behind the ears. We take our time to get the best results for you. We are guided by our mission statement: Our Mission is to Provide Unwavering Quality Care to Improve People’s Lives through Facial Plastic Surgery and the YoungVitalizer. This procedure can be done with safe, minimal sedation anesthesia. The complications from this procedure are extremely for us. We would like to share what we could do for you!

Otoplasty & Revisional Surgery Video by Seattle's Dr. Philip Young:

  1. “I’m so happy you were able to fix my ears. I didn’t think it could be done. But, because I was able to find you and your techniques, I had renewed hope of fixing my ears. Previous surgeons told me that I couldn’t fix my ears and that the previous surgeries were irreversible. Thank you, Dr. Young.” - J.H. 50's White Female from Port Townsend, Washington
  2. "Hi Dr. Young, Just to let you know everything is fine, no problems. I am so happy with my ears!! Your skill is awesome!!! Thank you so much."
  3. I had protruding earlobes. They stuck straight...I had protruding earlobes. They stuck straight out, parallel the the floor, instead of laying flat. To say I was devastatingly insecure about my appearance is an understatement. When I found out earlobe surgery was possible, I looked for the most qualified surgeon in my area. That surgeon is Dr. Young. His education, experience, and accolades are what drew me in. Look into them. No other surgeon seemed to come close. I was not disappointed that I decided on Dr. Young. He is truly one the kindest, most down to earth people I have ever met. More importantly, he is an extremely talented surgeon with an eye for aesthetics. He is available to his patients before, during, and after surgery...cell phone number and all. Not all surgeons are like this, nor do they stand by their work like Dr. Young does. I have a sister who has had such an experience with a different surgeon, so I can really appreciate Dr. Young's genuine concern for people and surgery results. The results of my surgery are beautiful and natural. Dr. young and his amazing staff are to be revered. If I ever need another cosmetic procedure it will be done by Dr. Young. I feel safe in his hands. I cannot stress this to you enough, Dr. young is not just one of the most talented surgeons out there; he is just a good dude. He puts his patients before himself, before profit. I just cannot speak highly enough about this diamond in the rough. Thank you Dr. Young, you changed my life. - 11 Jun 2016 sabrina_marie22 20's female from Southern Washington
  4. "I have dealt with my large protruding ears all my...I have dealt with my large protruding ears all my life. I have always considered otoplasty but was always too scared that I would get a bad result and end up looking worse. I found Dr. Young online, and he had a nice video of an otoplasty patient of his that convinced me to go through with it. Dr. Young and his team made me feel very at ease throughout the consultation process. Dr. Young definitely knows what he's doing in this area as he has done ear reconstruction volunteer work many times. I couldn't be happier with the outcome of my otoplasty surgery. The results were so natural that when I went home to see my parents for Christmas, they didn't even notice the difference. It has been several months now since the surgery, and I am still more than pleased." - 10 Jun 2014 by JMADS from Real Self
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