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By Neck Lift Surgery Specialist & Award Winning Seattle Bellevue's Dr. Philip Young.

See Seattle's Neck Lift Specialist Dr. Philip Young Discuss Patient Care for the Facial Plastic Surgery Patient:

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Dr. Philip Young of Bellevue | Seattle likes to do his neck lifts using techniques that he developed based on over 1200 neck and facelifts (Learn why Dr. Young is Unique here: About Dr. Philip Young). So read more below toLearn more about the Neck Lift Procedure. You can also visit our main page on the Neck Lift Procedure. Although, the high number shouldn’t be what you solely base your decision on when looking for the right Plastic Surgeon, It should indicate experience. For Dr. Young, it is not necessarily the number that is important; it is whether that particular surgeon has improved how he has done things through all of those procedures. He has learned that a lot of what is taught to surgeons doesn’t lead to the best results. Many surgeons take short cuts for many different reasons that don’t benefit you. A well done neck lift will take up to 2-4 hours to really get right. As you can see in the picture below, the platysma muscle is the muscle that Dr. Young uses to tighten your whole neck. That muscle is sewn in the middle starting just under your chin and then this is continued down to the base of your neck and then back up again in a corset type manner. Dr. Young doesn’t cut the muscle, which many surgeons do, because he doesn’t think that it allows the muscle to tighten the whole neck evenly. Also cutting the muscle can create odd appearances with your neck that don’t always look good. Dr. Young also elevates the platysma and takes out fat under the chin to further help with contouring the neck. Within this area under the chin and under the platysma, He will sometimes alter the muscles as well. If you are going to be getting your neck lift and want to learn about the recovery click this link: Face and Neck Lift Recovery.

Below is a picture of the face and neck anatomy. This will help you along our topic to learn more about the neck lift so that you can see what Dr. Philip Young is talking about. The platysma muscle is the superficial muscle in the neck that we use to tight wrap the neck and shape it. This suture wrapping of this muscle is mainly done in the middle of the neck just under the chin and it is continued to the base of the neck and then back again to just under the chin. This approach is often referred to as the corset approach. We use semi-permanent sutures to do this corset. These sutures absorb over a long period. During this time, your tissues heal and the connective tissue that is produced create a more permanent shape to your neck. As this occurs, your sutures start to become absorbed and in a few months they will be completely dissolved under your skin.

Anatomy Picture for Neck Lift Learn More by Bellevue | Seattle's Dr. Philip Young

Anatomy Picture for Neck Lift Learn More by Bellevue | Seattle’s Dr. Philip Young

Below is a picture showing an after picture of the incisions that we use for our neck and face lifts.  This is without any diagrams showing where they are. The after picture shows where the incision was made to allow you to understand how to interpret the healing of these incisions. As you can tell, the incisions are very hard to appreciate and notice. We do everything we can to make sure these incisions heal well. These are:

  • Using the finest sutures, some of which are smaller than your hair
  • Avoiding excessive pulling on the skin that can lead to post procedure stress on the incision line that causes more scarring to occur
  • Careful instructions to care for your incisions
  • Close follow-up to ensure that you are caring for your incisions with more frequent follow-up if we are detecting less than optimal care (we stress having us see you the next day after your procedure, then at least 6 days later)
  • Accessibility so that you can ask your questions easily [you can always email, or call (425-990-3223) anytime];
  • Careful closure of the incisions that incorporate slightly looser tying of the sutures which leads to less strangulation of the incision line and resulting more improved healing
  • We are always improving on this through frequent literature searches to find the best approaches to healing and incision care.

Below is the picture which shows where we made the incision in this particular patient. This patient had a face and neck lift. The dotted line shows where the incision is located behind the ear, hence the broken line pattern. This part of the incision cannot be seen because it is behind the ear. It will now be helpful to refer to the picture above where the incisions are not colored coded to reveal where we placed the incisions. This will allow you to appreciate how the incision healed in this particular patient. As you can tell the incision in front of the ear and in the temple part of the hairline is imperceptible. When we show people this picture, they usually can’t tell where the incision is in the front of the ear. Behind the ear it is a little more noticeable. One thing to note is that this result is strictly from the one procedure with no additional scar improvement type techniques which many surgeons incorporate into their procedures at a later date.

The picture below shows where we would normally make the incision for a Neck lift only procedure. The picture shows that we normally start the incision right in front of the earlobe and then take this incision behind the ear and then along the posterior hairline. Sometimes we can avoid the incision right in front of the earlobe based on the particular situation and particular patient needs.

In addition to tightening the platysma muscle to improve the neck shape and contour, you also have to treat the extra fat more often than not. Through the neck lift approach, you can easily expose the anatomical structures. Through this exposure, the surgeon is able to directly reduce the unwanted fat rather than blindly as when done through liposuction. Dr. Young has a special technique that he has developed to reduce this fat. Along with his personal approach in tightening the platysma muscle, these fundamental steps allow him to create amazing detail in the neck to reveal the beautiful underlying structures that make up the region.

Below is a picture which shows common entry points for liposuction that is usually done with the neck lift. Also shown below is the small incision that is used under the chin to help us approach the neck / platysma muscle. This incision is essential to allow us to do our corset platysmaplasty where we sew the platysma muscle from just under the chin to the base of the neck and back. Your neck lift will be incomplete if we are not able to make this incision. As you can see in this diagram, the incision is placed in the shadowed area under the chin. This area is a great place to incorporate this incision. The incision hides well under the chin due to the shadowing that is located here and because when you talk to a person this location is usually really well hidden from someone’s view. You would literally need to have someone raise their chin to the sky to be able to pick this incision out and even with this maneuver you will have a hard to see this incision most of the time. Again, Dr. Young usually does not incorporate the liposuction entry sites. He directly takes out the fat in the neck through the neck lift incisions which is more of a complete way to remove the fat.

Below is another picture showing where we suture the platysma muscle under the skin through the incision that was shown in the previous picture. Note, we can do all of the sewing of the platysma through the incision under the chin that is marked in green in the image above. The picture below just shows where these sutures will take place within the neck under the skin.

The following link will take you to some Pre Procedure Care Packages. that should be very useful for preparing for your future Neck lift.

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We want the best for you. Dr Young always maintains, as much as possible, an open door policy to help people. Even if you were to decide to go to another doctor for the same procedure, Dr Young would always welcome you to email or call our office anytime for help.

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