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Below James Sumner tells us about his experience with Browlift, Facelift, Necklift, Upper Eyelid Lift with our Office:


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“After the facelift, I feel more confident. Younger guys are looking at me more. I’m more excited about the way I look and it has made me feel a lot better. A lot of people don’t know what I had done. They just tell me I look great.”



“I originally came in for the chin thing but my whole face improved. I feel gorgeous. I feel better about myself and losing weight is much easier because of my confidence.”



“Due to family illness, I gained a lot of weight, which I later lost. By losing a lot of weight, I acquired wrinkles, which have now been taken care of due to surgery by Dr. Young. I now feel more like myself. I have complete confidence in Dr. Young. He is very warm and a good surgeon.”



“I look way better than before. I look 15 years younger. I feel great about my results. I look less tired. I look at least ten years younger.”



“I love what you did with my face and neck that is why I’m back to have more done to my eyes!”



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Overall Excellent
“My wife was over the moon with her results with Dr. Young. She saw several other surgeons in the Bellevue area for a facelift consultation but this guy has so much talent, very kind, great beside manner, and very generous with his time. You won’t go wrong with this practice. His staff is wonderful too!”



“Pictures received! WOW!! What a difference…..money well spent! I would love to get a colored hard-copy of these pictures. I would be happy to pay for them. I’m trying to convince a friend to see Dr Young for a facelift. THANKS!! See you again in September for an upper eyelid job…………”

S.B. 6-23-14


“…Thank you again and I am look forward to seeing Dr. Young again. He gave me the great gift of his surgical expertise and enriched the quality of my life.”

M.M. 10-2-14


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OMG! my pic on an ad ! you know how vain and quirky I am. that was fun. you have the personality AND THE expertise to bring out the essence of what a potential patient needs and wants...even if they can't express it to you......... use what you want in my conversation. i can't seem to do this for you in one sitting at my putter. met dr young when I was 59 at LIFE STYLE LIFT.The woman who interviewed me at the clinic suggested I wait for Dr Young.,so I did. 9 years later? my neck looks better than my 40 yr old rivals. I have no rivals. just women who want to look how I look. most don't even know they have choices. I didn't pay attention to my neck or chest ever....dr young will put you on the right path and......avoid expensive surgery in the future. I had no mentor at 35. I indulged in collagen shots and retin a. the future of my "face" was about Botox® and safer/longer lasting chemicals. no knowledge about fat transfer? did it, but didn't expect a 5 week recovery experience. really who cares? THE LOVE OF MY LIFE IS in - s....@yahoo.com

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