Below are some more Neck Lift Learning Videos. Visit our Main Procedure page on the Neck Lift to Learn more or Click this link to see more Neck Lift Before & After Photos.

Learn About our Secret Formula for Facial Rejuvenation in this video on the Necklift, Facelift & Mini FaceLift Procedure with Easy to Understand Explanations, Before & After Images, and further helpful links:

Below is a video of a Laser Resurfacing of the Neck. This can improve the wrinkles in this area, decrease sun spots and offering a very minimal lift. For a really significant neck lift and pull see the next video.

Below is a video of a Neck lift with a platysmaplasty. We get your neck more contoured by doing a corset that wraps the platysma muscle around your neck that pulls up your skin and neck in the process. We also further contour the deeper muscles to allow you to have an even more angular jawline. We have done over 1300 face and neck lifts.

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