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Neck Lift with YoungVitalizer by Dr. Philip Young of Bellevue’s Aesthetic Facial Plastic Surgery

You can feel great and look years younger with the The YoungVolumizer ( Young Volumizer ), the incision-less facelift alternative. The Young Volumizer is an amazing volumizing procedure that can rejuvenate your Face or Neck without facial incisions and the need for general anesthesia. It is a minimally invasive alternative that is associated with much less discomfort and is remarkably more affordable than traditional procedures .

The Young Volumizer entails the use of your own tissues that is harvested, refined and placed through injections into your face. Through the placement of this tissue, we are able to replace the lost volume that has occured over the years. Now you can look younger in a natural way without the pulled and operated look that you see many people have after traditional procedures.

Within the Neck, you would be a great candidate for the Young Volumizer if your neck is missing volume and fat. People that benefit greatly from this approach typically do not have a lot of neck skin or muscle laxity and their contour is tight against the deeper structures in the neck. This particular person should have a good shape of the neck where the angles are well defined. The picture below shows a person after a Neck lift that was performed by Dr. Young. The green arrow points to the cervico mental angle which is the angle that is formed by the junction of the jawline and Neck line. The ideal angle in the young adult should be 90-100 degrees for the cervicomental angle. Someone with a relatively acute angle close to the 90-100 degree range who has significant wrinkles could find benefit from volumizing of the neck. The volume would expand the space between the neck muscles and the skin which will improve the wrinkles in the neck from occuring and reoccuring.

This expanded space between the neck skin and deeper neck muscles, over time gives the skin some time to regenerate. Your skin is always remodeling. You have skin cells, called fibroblasts, that are constantly breaking down the skin and building it back up. When the tissue protects the skin from the movement of the neck muscles, the skin is allowed to regenerate with this influence. The skin cells are then allowed to remodel the skin with less wrinkles.

The other way that the skin becomes rejuvenated is through the stem cells that comes with volumizing with tissue from your own body. Also the new tissue also has the effect of bringing more blood flow to your face and neck which has additional healing benefits.

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