Here are some more Cheek Implant | Lift Learning Videos. You can learn more on our main Cheek Implant | Lift Webpage.

See this new video on Cheek Implants, their approach, the 3 main implants used, and the benefits you get with Cheek Implants:

Learn How our Award Winning Theory on Beauty is applied with Facial Implants to Help You Get the Best Results with our Most Recent Facial Implant Video by Seattle | Bellevue's Dr. Philip Young. You can scroll down below for more about facial implant 3d modeling for custom facial implants:

Below: Restylane® under eyes live video demonstration by Dr. Young Seattle, Washington of Seattle / Bellevue Washington

Live Sculptra Injections in the Cheeks for Facial Rejuvenation By Seattle's Cheek Augmentation Expert Dr. Philip Young

Live Video Custom Facial Implant Creation 3d Modeling Session by Dr. Philip Young Seattle | Bellevue WA

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