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Begin with watching this Introductory Video on Facial Implants. Learn how Dr. Young's Award Winning Theory on Beauty helps us get the best results!

Chin Reduction Live Video Demonstration:

Below is our video on our Chin reduction Procedure in a live video demonstration by Dr Philip Young of Seattle | Bellevue Washington. The incision is done under the chin in the shadows located in this region. The incision hides well in this place. The chin is burred down with a drill. The area around the incision will include the removal of extra skin and tissue to adapt to the new chin. The recovery from this process is much faster than most of the other more invasive procedures in Facial Plastic Surgery.

Fillers to the Chin for Marionette Lines and Chin Wrinkles:

Restylane® injections to the Chin Area under the Lips for Marionette Lines, Prominent Chin Wrinkles and the Aging Chin. The injections are shown to be in the labiomental sulcus. This is the wrinkle of depression that is between the lips and the chin. The areas circled by the corners of the lips are helpful for the Marionette Lines or the prominent wrinkles that go from the corners of lips to the jawline that people really dislike.

Chin Implant for Chin Augmentation using Medpor and Titanium Screws

We show in this live video demostration some important points in the chin implant procedure that helps get the best results. Screwing in the implant will lead to more reliable results. This helps prevent infection by controlling movement and by eliminating empty space for fluid and bacteria.

Using screws also more reliably ensure that you will get the exact results you are seeing during surgery. We show how we check the lateral edges of the implant to get the best symmetry and we make sure that the implant is sitting in the right place in its entirety. Medpor is made up of porous polyethylene. This implant has a pore size that allows your tissues to grow into the implant. After 12 weeks, the implant can start acting like a part of your body because it gets vascularized!

Chin implant revision important keys to success!

Chin implant revisions require experience to get the best results. Firstly, you should not take out the implant without considering placing another smaller one back in. This is in the case if you want a smaller chin. If you want the same or larger than there is no issue changing it. But creating a smaller chin will require a smaller implant.

If you don't do this, you could get the area to ball up with a lot of wrinkles and deformities. With revisions, your surgeon should have a really good understanding of the anatomy. The nerves are usually surround by scars. Your chance of damaging the nerve is a lot higher. We discussed a story about a patient who had a chin revision with us where the nerve was encased by a lot of scar tissue but we were able to avoid any damage to the mental nerve of the chin here Chin Implant Revision Nerve Encasement Case.

Another important observation is that revisional chin implant surgeries often involve the implant moving. Most often the implant moves superiorly. What happens in that case is that the implant starts to erode bone there. The bone above the inferior border is softer and more likely to be susceptible to the pressure from the implant. In this case, the implant is seen in this superior position and also the bone was shown to be eroded in this location.

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