By Bellevue Seattle's Sir Harold Delf Gillies Award Winning Facial Plastic Surgeon Dr. Philip Young & Vanderbilt trained Plastic Surgeon Dr. Rikesh Parikh MD.

Below is a general video introducing Dr. Philip Young and Aesthetic Facial Body Plastic Surgery. A chin implant is useful in making your lower third or the bottom half of your face more structured. This can apply to women and men. In women a small chin implant is preferred and men a larger chin implant is preferred. The size can vary for men in terms of what effect you want to achieve. You can find out what these effects are through morphing. We can do morphing for you to get a sense of what your chin implant might look like for you. Another option is to add a jaw implant to further enhance your lower third and the lateral part of your face in making it wider and more structured. This can be done to make your face more masculine or more structurally pleasing in general if you are a female.

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“Dr. Young I just wanted to tell you that the Chin Implant you placed really changed my life. I just didn’t have the chance to tell you before. Thank you!”


“You did a great job on my chin. It is so much further back and looks a lot better!”

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