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See the Transformations in this Introductory Video on Facial Feminization Surgery:

Chin Reduction For Facial Feminization

Below the video shows our Chin Reduction that can be used to markedly make your face more Feminine. The Lower third of the Face can have a major impact on someone's gender identity from an observer's stand point. A dominant lower third of the face, including the chin, mouth, and jaw area, can make someone interpret that you are male instead of female.

We are able to reduce your chin and jawline to make you look much more feminine. You can start looking more how like you feel inside. With this the outside appearance matching how you feel inside, you can start feeling better about yourself. You can start feeling more feminine in a natural way.

Perma Lip For Facial Feminization

Lip Augmentation can have a dramatic affect on Feminizing your Face. Perhaps the one area that can have such an affect is the lips within the whole face. Why is that? The lips are the part of our face associated with eating. Eating is one of the most primitive things we do. When we were just a single cell, the first thing we did was engulf things. Much of our expressions of emotion come from our mouth.

When we yell, the sound comes from our mouth. When we kiss, we use our mouth. When we eat we use our mouth. Hence the animalistic associations with the mouth are strong. Hence augmenting the lips, emphasizes our animalistic sides. In short, it can have a big effect on our sexuality. Permalip implants & Augmentation is one of the main options for permanent lip augmentation. The procedure is done through very small incisions at the corner of the mouth. The implants are inserted along the wet dry border of the lips, just where you need it. You can choose from 3- 5mm sizes in width, and 55-65 mm sizes in length.

Buffalo Gull Wing Lip Lift For Facial Feminization

One of the signs of aging and also masculinization of the face can be an increased length in the upper lips. We studied this length and published a paper that indirectly studies the length here: The Circles of Prominence: The Ideal Ratios that Determine the Basis of Facial Beauty. Based on our original paper, Dr. Young hypothesizes that the ideal length here is one iris width, or one colored part of the eye.

Through a Lip Lift using the Buffalo Horn or Gull Wing designed pattern that is carried out through an incision under the nose, you can change this length to give you more femininity and increase your facial beauty. The incision can heal almost imperctibly if you take care of the incision and your healing goes well. In Dr. Young's experience, This Lip Lift can have one of the most dramatic impacts out of all the procedures that he does to feminize your face and increase your beauty.

Rhinoplasty Introduction:

The nose occupies the middle part of the face. Because of its central location, it also has central importance in how it influences beauty within the face. There is no way to avoid its importance. Positioning where the tip is located can determine the balance of how the nose relates to the eyes and mouth. The three most important elements in the face are the iris, nasal tip and lower lip.

Dr. Young discovered this with his seminal article that described a new theory on beauty called the Circles of Prominence. You can click here to read more about this theory: Dr. Young's Theory on Beauty. Through Rhinoplasty, you can position the tip in the most favorable way to create more balance in the face. Through a nose plastic surgery procedure, you can alter the shape and width of the bridge and tip to bring more beauty and more femininity to your face.

In a recent study, Dr. Young found more proof that the width of the tip and bridge should ideally be about one iris width in this presentation he did at the American Brazilian Aesthetic Meeting in Feb 2015 located in Park City Utah: The Circles of Prominence Key Shapes and Distances in the Face. Call 425-990-3223 to find out more how Dr. Young and his team uses this theory to achieve the best results for you.

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