Below are some additional Rhinoplasty | Nose Plastic Surgery Learning Videos. You can learn more by visiting our general Rhinoplasty | Nose Plastic Surgery Webpage.

Below are some introduction videos on Rhinoplasty. We will talk about computer morphing, the open approach, Dr. Young's Theory on Beauty that helps our team get the best results, our continual search for the answers to Beauty and how they apply to Rhinoplasty:

Rhinoplasty Revision for Asian Ethnic Patient with near extrusion of Silicone through Tip:

This next video talks about a revision rhinoplasty for Asian ethnic patient that had a silicone implant that extended from the nasal bridge all the way into the tip. What we now know is that an implant that is in the tip tends to have problems. We have never placed silicone in the tip area. This patient had their rhinoplasty done elsewhere.

This video is our revision of the rhinoplasty she already had before. The implant in the tip can have a higher risk of Extrusion out through the tip. So more recently many facial surgeons are now using more ear cartilage or septal cartilage in the tip and reserving the implant for the bridge superior to the tip. The silicone implant also has to be fixed in a more solid way to the structures in the nasal bridge. Also the plane has to be in the right plane where it's not going to go through:

Rhinoplasty Revision to Replace Goretex Tip & Silicone Bridge with Ear Cartilage and Turkish Delight Technique:

The below video discusses a Revision Rhinoplasty for an Asian patient who had a Gore-Tex implant that was making the tip too pointy. She also had a nasal Bridge silicone implant that was too thin that we were also replacing. We used ear cartilage to create a tip graft as well as Fascia for the tip graft to soften and widen it because it was too thin. We also used a special graft made out of Fascia and ear cartilage minced in to fine pieces. This special graft is called the Turkish Delight in the facial plastic surgery literature:

Rhinoplasty Osteotomies and Nasal Bone Shaping with a Live Surgery:

This is our video on Osteotomies for Rhinoplasty. This is the maneuver that allows us to make your nasal bridge narrower. It is a controlled manipulation of the nasal bones and not breaking the nose to refine your nose. It is anything but grossly breaking the nose but it is a fine procedural step:

African American Rhinoplasty for Tip Refinement Live Surgery:

We discuss African American Rhinoplasty in the video below. Specifically, we will talk about tip refinement, treatment for the bulbous tip, the transdomal suture, interdomal suture, how these apply to the lower lateral crura and the lateral crus:

Post Rhinoplasty Massaging Techniques for Swelling and more Tip Refinement:

Here Dr. Young shows you how to massage and shape your nose, tip and bridge for better results after Rhinoplasty. Use these techniques to influence a better result after rhinoplasty.

Rhinoplasty Introduction Into Basic Techniques:

Here we show you the open technique and some basic principles of the Rhinoplasty procedure. Tip refinement will be discussed in more detail.

Rhinoplasty Dorsal Augmentation Nasal Cinch:

In this live video demonstration, we show how we augment the bridge with the use of medpor. During the live surgery, we show how we place the medpor bridge implant and then how we refine the nasal tip. Medpor can be incorporated by your body through the in growth of vessels.

Once incorporated into your tissues, the medpor can act like your own tissues. In fact if this medpor is integrated with your body after 12 weeks, if for some reason it is exposed to the environment your skin can actually grow over the mentor. It is a fascinating alternative to nasal implants and implants in general.

Asian Rhinoplasty Using Medpor (Porous Polyethylene):

Asian Rhinoplasty with Ear Cartilage for Silicone Tip Extrusion:

Asian Revision Rhinoplasty Reconstruction of the Tip and Nasal Bridge with Ear Cartilage, Fascia (Muscle Covering from Temple Area) Wrapped Around Diced Ear Cartilage for an Extruded Silicone Implant:

Rhinoplasty Virtual Consultation with Dr. Philip Young M.D.:

Find out about what you need to know about rhinoplasty with this virtual consultation done by dr. Philip young. Here in this video dr. young we'll go over all the important points that you should get or Come Away with after a rhinoplasty consultation.

Some of the things that we will discuss are: how we approach rhinoplasty; a little bit about pricing; what can be done during a rhinoplasty; anwering all of your questions; finding your preferences; the morphing process and seeing what your results might be; a little about Dr. Young's theory on Beauty and how it applies to Rhinoplasty, reducing your nasal bridge, and much more!!

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