Rhinoplasty Testimonials | Reviews by Beverly Hills Trained, Award Winning Beauty Theorist, Published Author, Medical Mission Contributor & Facial Plastic Surgeon Dr. Philip Young.

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  1. I first discovered Doctor Philip Young through web searching. I typed in, 'Best Rhinoplsty Surgeon in Seattle' and Doctor Philip Young popped up. I took my time to research and explore my options with different doctors but Dr. Young stood out to me the most because his credentials and gallery of work somehow fascinated me from others. My initial visit was excellent and I felt like most of my questions and concerns were answered in a very detailed and knowledgable stand point. My visit and my comtinous patient care was outstanding. Both Dr. Young and his staff made a lasting impression on my overall visits. The much anticpated rhinoplasty result was well worth the wait! I feel lovely and more confident. I feel like a better version of myself.
    Emory Hatfield 20 something African American Female from Seattle, WA
  2. I would highly recommend Dr. Philip Young and his team. He takes unusual care to get you exactly the results you are looking for. He is also completely accessible 24/7 for any questions or concerns you may have, both before or anytime after surgery. His staff are very professional and always respond quickly to any emails or calls. If you are considering any type of facial procedure or surgery, you cannot go wrong with Dr. Philip Young and his staff.
    Karen Redfearn 50's Caucasian Female from The Greater Seattle Area
  3. Perfect job! I was stunned with the results from Dr. young he made my nose look flawless. He kept in touch with me after surgery making sure that everything was fine and his staff is very kind. He changed my life hopefully he can change yours. I recommend this man he is definitely a game changer. ...
    Anthony W 20's Hispanic Male from Eastern Washington
  4. "Personable, knowledgeable, professional and fun describe Dr. Young and Aesthetic Facial Clinic to a "T! I had broken my nose numerous times growing up (rough and tumble athletic life), and was self-conscious of how bent it was. Not very girly! I sent Dr. Young some pictures for an estimate on costs and suggestions to procedures. What immediately sold me, he was the only surgeon to call me the next day after receiving them and speak to me directly - how great is that? After reviewing his website and being completely impressed with his published papers and experience (in particular with transgender people and crooked noses) I was ready for the in-person assessment. Long story short, I agreed to the process and bought into his ideas of symmetrical beauty and what I needed. He was always very sweet with a big smile and a calming lovely demeanor. And the end result?! It is all I had hoped. A complicated situation easily rectified with his skilled hands. Gifted. The one negative, which I've spoken with him about, he is so busy and sometimes gets caught in surgery for longer than expected that he is not always spot on with his appointments. Nature of the beast, I suppose, but he has assured me it is on his radar to imporove. And the staff? LOVED them. Michelle, Julie, and Kristina (and even tech guy Tam) are so personable and lovely you can't help but fall in love with them. Always with a kind word, a gentle hand and sound advice. They made, a sometimes daunting, experience so beautiful. Love you guys! I would recommend Dr. Young, Dr. Parikh, and the team to my family and anyone who was electing plastic surgeries. Nice job guys!"
    Josi Victoria Martin 50's Caucasian Male from Vancouver, Canada
  5. Great experience Dr. Young paid very close attention to what my family and I wanted. The rhinoplasty procedure went very smooth and to say the least I am happy with the results.
    AR9Legend 20's European Male from Renton, Washington.
  6. This a patient who had a chin reduction, rhinoplasty and hair transplantation:
    Dr. Young was the first plastic surgeon to operate on me and the only plastic surgeon to feel an in person consultation was the best route to go. Other just asked for pictures and wrote up a bid, as if they were bidding on a home remodel. He met with me, worked with my schedule and explained the process in it's entirety. Afterwards, he was only a phone call away! He monitored my health via photos, text and consulted with my PCP in addition to the normal follow-up appoints. Defiantly someone I trust to provide care to me in my in the future, as well as to provide care to my friends and family.
    Rella Madsen Nov 2016 30's Caucasian Male from Seattle, WA
  7. "I LOVE my nose. You did an excellent job!"
    C.C. 30's Something Filipino Female from Arizona
  8. "Everyone at work thinks I look great but they don't know what's different. I really like my nose and it looks really natural"
    E.C. 20 Something Asian American Female from Seattle, Washington
  9. "I wanted my nose to look natural. I researched Asian Rhinoplasty and found that alot of times the implants were placed too high in the bridge which would create an unnatural look. This is something that I really wanted to avoid. My friends tell me that my nose looks so much better but in a natural way. I also wanted my nasal tip refined but I didn't want to have my nose look caucasian which Dr. Young was able to achieve."
    40's Filipino Female from the Greater Seattle Area
  10. "I love my nose and my breathing has really improved. I don't snore as loud and sleep a lot better as well."
    P.B. 50's Caucasian Female from Seattle, WA
  11. "Dr. Young, I just wanted to tell you that this procedure was the best thing I ever done. Before this, I didn't want to go outside. I just felt everybody looked at me. I feel so much better about myself. I can actually go out and do things that other people do and not feel self conscious about the way I look. Thank you for giving a big part of my life back."
    50's Caucasian Male from Louisiana
  12. "Thank you for the wonderful job you did on my husband's nose. You have changed our lives for the better. All his friends can't believe the difference.:
    Wife of B.K. 70's year old Caucasian Male from Renton, WA
  13. Here is what she said on Jan 17th, 2014:
    "Hi Dr. Young, My nose healed perfectly. No breathing problem nor scars. Attached are photos before class this morning…"
    "Also, attached is what I show family …. You've made a huge difference in one aspect of my confidence!…"
    Thanks! P.K. 20's Asian Female from Mt Vernon, WA
  14. In August 2014 for a person getting a 4th rhinoplasty revision. She had 3 done by other surgeons and decided on us after some lengthy research:
    "Everything is great. I am looking forward to my appointment at 2:45 tomorrow. You are all so kind and thoughtful. It's been a wonderful experience!"
    L.W. 40's Female Caucasian from Kent, WA.
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