Facelift Testimonials by Bellevue & Seattle’s  Dr. Philip Young of Aesthetic Facial Plastic Surgery

Below James Sumner tells us about his experience with Browlift, Facelift, Necklift, Upper Eyelid Lift with our Office:


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This is what a doctor from Canada wrote to us on September 3rd 2011:

“Dr. Young helped me improve my facial profile by performing three procedures: (1) acne scar revision, (2) lower facelift, and (3) neck lifting. Before going to Dr Young, I did my job in searching for a good facial plastic surgeon. I became aware of Dr. Young through his input on the internet (comments on forums and videos on YouTube). Because I am a medical doctor, I was able to evaluate his input and judge his experience and knowledge confidently. After an extensive search, I concluded that Dr. Young’s experience, skills, and fund of knowledge were very decent. In addition, I found out that Dr. Young has dual American Board certification in otolarygeogly and plastic surgery. In my opinion, plastic surgeons who receive training in otolaryngology are better in performing facial plastic procedures than their counterparts who lack such training. I believe that this specialized training makes them more confident in handling the tissues and structures of our necks and faces than other general plastic surgeons. Given all these factors, I flew all the way from Canada to Bellevue to meet with Dr. Young. I found him skilled and professional. He knew exactly what I wanted on his first look at my face. He professionally discussed all the possible options and chose the one that might work best for me. I had a very smooth recovery without developing any sort of complications. Right after the surgery, I was thrilled with the result of neck lifting (nicely defined neck angle and jaw lines with invisible scarring). As an out-of-town patient, I felt that Dr. Young gave me a special care. He made me come to his clinic several times within the few days I had after the surgery in order to make sure I am recovering well before my return to Canada. Dr. Young showed excellent and courteous bed side manner and was welcoming any questions or concerns. His staff is amazing. His patient coordinator, Tasha, arranged everything starting from the remote consultation and ending with my postoperative care. The nursing staff was fabulous. Hannah did a great job on the day of my surgery. Special thanks to Sarah for her patience and excellent in job in my postoperative care. I had a successful experience with Dr. Young and I will never hesitate to go back for any additional thing I want to do in the future. As a patient of Dr. Young and a medical professional as well, I highly recommend him for facial plastic procedures. Dr. Young’s talents, experience and the high standards of patient care at his clinic should help you reach the results you look for." -(A medical practitioner from Canada)

We want the best for you. Dr Young always maintains, as much as possible, an open door policy to help people. Even if you were to decide to go to another doctor for the same procedure, Dr Young would always welcome you to email or call our office anytime for help.

Find out more about Facelifts here: Facelift Explanation and Options. If you are interested in scheduling a consultation, you can use the online consultation form, call or even text message us at anytime. If you are an out of town patient, we can set up a phone consultation for you.

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